Nacho Riesco Gostanza
Nacho Riesco Art
Digital and Traditional Art

Nacho Riesco Art

Digital and Traditional Art

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About Me

I am a self taught artist , my main quality is creativity. I am a person with artistic concerns that led me to learn, and develop, all kinds of techniques, from drawing, painting, till airbrushing. Currently I am fully immersed in the Digital World, with the pixels and polygons as my main creative tools.

I can cover the following topics:

- Illustration (any kind), Digital and Traditional.
- Fine Art, Acrylics, Pastels, Oils...
- Character Design, Mascots, Concepts...
- 3D Sculpting (high poly) Zbrush.
- 3D Sculptures for 3D Printers (STL).
- Graphic Design, Logotypes, Brochures...
- Airbrushing, on any surface, T-shirts, Motorcycle Helmets, Walls...
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